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iOS 8 Beta 2 release date speculation

With developers already having access to the iOS 8 beta since a week but many developers are already wondering when the Beta 2 will become available. All though the beta 1 isn’t the buggiest one we have seen from Apple, there are still several mayor bugs that should be addressed and lets not forget the improvements and tweaks we usually see Apple make in its beta updates. Lets take a look at history of iOS 8 betas

  • 2010: Time between iOS 4 Beta 1 and 2: 12 days
  • 2011: Time between iOS 5 Beta 1 and 2: 18 days
  • 2012: Time between iOS 6 Beta 1 and 2: 15 days
  • 2013: Time between iOS 7 Beta 1 and 2: 14 days

So when can we expect Beta 2 of iOS 8? as early as Saturday, June 14, to as late as Friday, June 20 if Apple doesn’t suddenly change the release schedule of betas it has been keeping over the past 4 years. What are some bugs you hope Apple will address? Let us know in the comments!