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Finding the perfect business case or iPad stand

It’s just about impossible to go anywhere without seeing an iPhone or an iPad, as almost everyone knows about Apple and their sleek products. Sure they may be expensive, but plenty of people are rabid in their fandom of the electronics company. While a good chunk of the price tag is the brand name, no one can say Apple makes shoddy products.
The iPad may have originally been derided as not important and a frivolous purchase for many, but it’s begun to come into its own as a tool for businesses all over. Especially with more and more mobile Point of Sale systems being made specifically for iPads, getting your hands on one for your business has become more important. Whether you have one yet or not, you can’t just get the tablet and then go on your merry way, you’ll want to get an iPad stand or case as well; especially if you are going to use it for a POS system. You don’t need to worry about a stand reducing mobility; any stand can be taken off or detached from its location so you can take the iPad elsewhere.

What does an iPad Stand or Case offer you?

Regardless of how sturdy Apple makes the iPad case, the fact remains that it’s a fragile electronic device that can be destroyed or heavily damaged with a good fall. Besides providing an additional layer of protection, a good stand will also provide a pleasing aesthetic for customers and workers alike.

There are a lot of different stands and cases out there though, and you’ll have to put some thought into what you want out of your stand/case. Some are designed as a simple foldable case to provide extra protection while others have pockets and slots and other storage areas for anything from credit cards to notepads.

What to Think on When Shopping for your Stand

1. Budget

The first thing you need to think about is how much you’re willing to spend on your stand. Much Buy suggests you make a list of the features you want and then figure out your budget from there. More advanced features like built in speakers will cost more, so your budget will need to be flexible depending on what you want in your stand.

2. Visuals

The aesthetic appeal of your stand is important. You have probably spent time designing a particular visual style for your business and you want to make sure any accessories you get fit that style. Especially your iPad stands if you’re using them either as a standalone POS or with integrated systems which are offered by companies such as Shopify. Every customer will see it and you don’t want it to look out of place with the rest of your storefront. While it might not provide much protection, the new Yohann stand has a very unique design that is very modern. iClarified lauds it as having a very elegant, minimalist design while still being very practical.

3. Protection

iPads are far from indestructible and you’ll want to find a stand that is sturdy enough to allow for clumsy employees (or yourself) dropping it. There are some extremely sturdy cases and stands out there and some that are just ok. Take your time and browse through what’s available, keeping the tablet safe should be near the top of your priority list when shopping.

4. Extras

The extras are any sort of additional features that do not revolve around protection or allowing you to use the iPad hands-free. Life Hacker mentions an iPad case/flip stand that is full of storage space for pens, credit and business cards, notepads and more. The extras you might find for a stand/case are by far not the most important aspect you should think about when shopping. But you shouldn’t ignore them either, you might find something interesting you like.

Finalizing your Choice

Of course, you can spend hours going to online lists of iPad stands and cases, but you’ll eventually need to reach a decision. Unfortunately the Internet will only give you pictures and descriptions, so going to a physical store to examine and look at stands up close should be a priority for you. Even if your local Best Buy or other electronics retailer doesn’t have all the options, they’ll have enough for you to get a feel for what you want and what is offered. Going to the store to test out the stands they have can be helpful, even if you’re planning on buying a different one online.
If you already use iPads for your POS or you’re looking to switch to them, getting cases/stands for them is a necessity. They will help protect your investment (while far cheaper than traditional registers, iPads aren’t inexpensive) from customers and employees alike. They will also provide a pleasing visual addition to your business and Pop Up Stand mentions that customers will appreciate the effort put into providing a nicer and more attractive space for them.