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Honda Reveals First Airbag Smartphone Case

If you’re clumsy and you’re always dropping your smartphone (like me) and you want a good protective case to make sure it doesn’t break then you might be interested in Honda’s new Smartphone Case N which comes equipped with its own airbag, like the ones used in cars.

But keep in mind at the moment its not the most practical case in the world considering the sheer size of the thing, and its not going to fit in your pocket very easily. But you never know where this could lead too in the future where hopefully we find different ways of condensing this idea to fit modern smartphones.

And I’m sure this reveal has sparked other peoples interests into thinking of new ways of protecting our smartphones rather than just buying a case made of some cheap, thin plastic. The case uses Carbon Dioxide to inflate over 6 airbags on the case that will protect your smartphone, it will inflate them automatically when it detects it is falling at a faster speed then normal. Take a look at the demo video bellow to see the case in action

What do you think is the best protective cover for your smartphone? Let us know in a comment bellow!