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What it takes to install WiFi in an Airplane [Video]

These days smartphones and computers are devices we use all day and every day, specially when traveling having your smartphone to connect to loved ones or work is crucial. Previously we were very limited when it comes to using electronics devices during a flight but since October 31, 2013  the FAA now allows the use of electronic devices during take off and landing drastically increasing the use of electronic devices during a flight.

The problem of using our laptops, eReaders, tablets and smartphones during flight is that there is not much we can do with them if we don’t have Internet. Airplane Wifi is usually slow with speeds not succeeding 3.1Mbps and most airplanes don’t have wifi.

United Airlines is one of the first companies that is looking to offer Wifi on all of its planes in 2015, they have been working since 2013 to install a new type of Satellite Wi-Fi, some planes are already flying around with Wi-fi, you can check your future flights here. Take a look at the installation process and see what it takes to install wifi in an airplane


It takes up to 9 days to install the new Satellite in a commercial airplane.  on Day 1 they start with striping the airplane and make sure all the places that need to be accessed can be easily over the next couple of days. On Day 2 The antenna located at the top of the plane is build outside and inside the plane, engineers start laying the wires. On Day 3 More wiring. On Day 4 they install the necessary equipment in the cargo compartment. On Day 5 Circuit breaks and power system installed. Day 6 The antenna in installed. Day 7 and 8 all the electrical power is tested and made sure everything is still working. Day 9 the software is installed and everything is put back together. You can check out an album with pictures of the installation process here

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