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Get an L style look with the Android L CM11 Theme now available

As Android L is still in Beta and the Cyanogen team hasn’t released a version of CyanogenMod yet, many ROM enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on Android L. For those who really can’t wait and simply want to get a little preview of what is to come (you can get started here with: how to get Android L notifications or the android L keyboard).

But if you want the real L experience, you might want to check out the new Android L CM11 theme, a theme that can be activated via the new Theme Pack chooser. The theme provides a similar look to Android L, it includes new fonts, new navigation icons, the new keyboard, notifications, colors, wallpapers, notification sounds and boot animation.(image bellow shows the theme in action)

android l cm11 theme

There are currently 3 different versions of the theme available, here is how to download and the difference between each one of them:

  • Version 1: Initial Release (stable, doesn’t include features like ringtones, wallpapers etc.) Not recommended. Download Here
  • Version 2: Full version of the theme, Recommended. Download Here
  • Version 3: Features several improvements over V2 like Transparent UI but has a lot of bugs, proceed with caution! Download Here

New versions featuring modifications will be added soon, Version 4 is already in development. Here are some screenshots of the theme:


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