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Breaking the El Nino Cycle

If you are enjoying the tech boom, you likely made the move to the Silicon Valley years ago. If you have lived in Silicon Valley for awhile, you likely know that you are within a short drive of several great ski spots, except for the fact that there is no snow on them most of the year. You have to be diligent and look up runs that either are coated with artificial powder or are just high enough and situated just right to be able to catch some natural precipitation.

It will take more than a single flurry of snow to break the massive drought that we are in. Still, California has finally seen some real winter precipitation in 2015. As a skier and snowboarder, you must have been equally as excited about the fresh powder as you were about the addition of water to our state.

To get yourself ready, you are going to want to assess last year’s gear and fill out the gaps. All of this fresh powder probably means a resurgence of new snowboarders and skiers. That means any used items that won’t work for you anymore, you’re bound to find someone who will accept them as a donation.

Giving away items is great, but some things should be bought. To get the most out of your money, make sure to make wise shopping decisions, like constantly checking online coupons. If you stay on top of your game, you can find 65% clearance sales, 40% off of all cold weather gear, $20 off footwear, and free shipping on all items over $50.

These incredible deals are not going to last forever. But the good news is that this new service will­ so, be sure to check back regularly so that you will be able to take advantage of the constantly rotating new stock of coupons.

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