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What is CyanogenMod and Why you should use it

If you have an Android smartphone you might have heard of this thing called the CyanogenMod, we will get into a more detailed description later on, but for now you must know that the CyanogenMod is a custom ROM for Android, this means it is Android but modified and they have decided to call this the CyanogenMod. This article was made to help you understand and get a clear view of everything the CyanogenMod does and can do for you

What is Rooting your smartphone?

When you “root” your smartphone you use the default stock firmware on your smartphone and change it for a different one, this is possible because Android is open source and ever since it has been discovered communities, companies and programmers have been creating custom firmware for their smartphone making little changes here and there to create the operation system just as they like it. Why is it important to know what Rooting is? Well, of these custom operation systems the Cyanogen Mod is the most famous and most used one of all. It was created back in 2009.

Why CyanogenMod

There are many reasons why someone would choose a custom firmware over another, but the CyanogenMod is the most used one because it does a few very simple but key things, among those are making your device significantly faster, improve the responsiveness and battery life of the device. This is not all, it is most loved for the additional features the mod provides to an Android device like Mirroring to an Apple TV, app improvements, additional security, different UI tweaks and lots more.

How do i know if i can install the CyanogenMod?

Well, like mentioned previously in the post: The cyanogen mod is only for Android devices, so for those of you with iPhones or Windows Phone’s are unable to download the CyanogenMod.

The mod is compatible with almost all of the high-end Android devices, you can check out the full list of compatible devices here  among those are the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, LG G 2, all nexus devices, HTC and most Sony Xperia smartphones. It is also compatible with many Tablets like the Amazon Kindle

You don’t only need a compatible smartphone but you also need a compatible Android version, all though most of the devices above already have the required software.

I am no programmer, should i use the CyanogenMod?

Now hold on, you don’t have to be a programmer or know much about smartphones in general in order to use the CyanogenMod. The CyanogenMod was made for people that want to have a little more speed, customization and additional Apps Android doesn’t provide, not for just for programmers. But you said custom software? Yes, the software has already been customized and any settings you might want to change are done through the User Interface. Absolutely 0 coding is required.

So how do i install the CyanogenMod?

Installing the cyanogenMod is easy, we would like to give you a in-depth guide on how to install the CyanogenMod  but the thing is, it varies by device. The CyanogenMod community has provided different guides for each device, we suggest you choose your device from the Device List , choose the version of CyanogenMod (we recommend getting the “Stable” version) and then follow the steps provided.

Where does the name CyanogenMod come from?

When you first tried thinking on how to write “Cyanogen” in the search engine you might have misspelled it several times, so why is it called Cyanogen Mod? Well, the creator Steve Kondik nickname is Cyanogen. A previous custom ROM developer called Jesusfreke stopped supporting its ROM and told users to switch to CyanogenMod which has improved features of his own ROM.

The Cyanogen Smartphone

We mentioned before that the CyanogenMod has become really popular and with really popular we mean really really popular!. It has become so popular that the owned of the CyanogenMod a company called Cyanogen Inc are actually working on manufacturing a smartphone that will come installed with the Cyanogen Mod. Read everything about the Cyanogen Smartphone in this article