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5 Million Gmail accounts hacked: Find out if your Gmail was compromised

Gmail is one of the most used email services in the world with more then 1 billion downloads on Android, but a recent Security breach has affected more then 5 million accounts. These accounts who have been affected both the username and password are now available to the public.

Are you wondering if your account has been compromised? How you can best prevent getting hacked in the future? We got you covered.

Was my Gmail account hacked?


There are several tools and ways of knowing if your Gmail account has been compromised in the recent security breach, the first and best way to find out is using IsLeaked. IsLeaked  is a tool that searches a database containing a list of the compromised accounts, all you are required to do is type in your gmail address.

What to do if your account was compromised

Well first of all, don’t panick. There are several ways you can prevent any unwanted access to your account, it is very important that you first change your password, this can be done by going to the following page. We also recommend you temporarily enable mobile authentication.

How to prevent getting hacked in the future

In this case a security breach enabled hackers to access personal information and the passwords haven’t been forced, so using a “complicated password” wouldn’t really help in this case but there are other ways. Google offers 2 step authentication which will send a text message to your smartphone with a unique number, this can then be used to log in. You can enable 2 step authentication here