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Gmail becomes first app in the Play Store to reach 1 Billion Downloads

Just 2 years after Google first launched its mail service, Gmail, for Android the app hits the 1 Billion download mark, making it the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store. The app comes standard on all Android 2.2 and higher but it had already reached the 1 billion downloads mark last year in January, this time it hit this impressive number with legitimate downloads.

What makes this even more impressive is that the counter on the Google Play store which shows that the app has reached this milestone, only counts unique accounts and not devices or the times it has been downloaded by the same user.

Gmail 1 Billion download

With more then 1.2 million apps available on Google‘s app store, the amount of competition is huge. Not only in normal apps but also in mail clients that are available on the platform, other popular mobile mail clients are Yahoo Mail, Outlook and MyMail, but these have no where near as many downloads as Gmail. This is not the only part where Gmail is way ahead of the competition, it also is in active users with more then 287.9 million (Data from January 2013)

gmail market share