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Kickstarter has funded projects for in total over 653 million dollars

Crowd funding company Kickstarter has revealed “the raw data” behind kickstarter today which shows some stunning information. In total there have been more then 101.286 kickstarter proyects of which 42.625 have successfully been funded.

Kickstarter allows for anyone to start a project to raise money to fund a idea, over the past year we have seen many successful projects been funded for several million dollars such as the Android based game console the OUYA, the Virtual Reality headset the Oculus Rift and many many games as shown in the graph, these are the total dollars that have been pledged to game projects alone over the last 4 years

Kickstarter game funding

The total dollars all projects together have earned are a whopping $654 million dollars, of which Film & Video $142.7 million and Video Games $142.3 million dollars. These are the most successful categories by the amount of successfully funded projects

Successful projects

There are a total of 34 projects that have funded more then 1 million dollars. Kickstarter is being used by hundred of thousands of users to fund their ideas but also by celebrities such as Scrubs actor Zach Braff which raised 2 millions to fund its new movie “Wish i was here”