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How to know if you have been affected by Heart bleed virus

If you browse the web frequently or have watched the news over the past few days you might have heard about this new “Heart Bleed Virus” that is currently affecting millions of websites among them are big websites like Facebook, instagram, twitter, yahoo, gmail and many more (most of these have since then fixed the security vulnerability that Heart Bleed causes).

How do i know if i have been affected by Heart Bleed? The guys over at Filippo have made a great web-based tool that will analyze your website by just putting in the URL. You can use  the tool here

hearth bleed virus scan


What is Hearth Bleed and how can it affect my website? Hearth Bleed is a vulnerability in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) a way to transmit encrypted data securely over the internet and is used to send personal information to servers (like your username and password etc.). The vulnerability allows hackers to steal this protected information.

What are some mayor website that have been affected? If your website has been affected, there is no reason for panic as even the biggest websites in the world have been among them are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail, Yahoo, GoDaddy, Dropbox, Minecraft and many many more (most of these companies have since then fixed the security vulnerability)

What should i do if i have a registered account on an affected website? Once the security vulnerability has been fixed (you can use the tool mentioned above) it is crucial that you create a new password and change it, make sure to create a completely new password and not one used previously as there is a big chance that it got exposed on other websites you have used it.