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4 reasons you should enable Developer mode on Android L

If you run Android and love the freedom that you get when it comes to customizing the OS, enabling developer mode is a must-have. With Developer mode enabled, there are several tweaks and changes you can make that you can’t make if you don’t have it enabled. Lets take a look at 4 reasons why you should enable Developer mode and How to enable it on Android L

How to enable Developer mode on Android L

If you have Android L, navigate to the Settings App and navigate to About Phone / Tablet. Look for the Build Number of your device. Once you have found it, make sure to tap it 7 times. You don’t have to count the exact number, just tap away until a pop-up shows.

Once enabled, a new menu in the Settings app will appear showing “Developer Options”

4 Reasons you should enable Developer Mode

  1.  Animation Speed: Once developer mode is enabled, you can change the animation speeds. This can be done from the Developer Option > Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation scale and Animation Duration Scale
  2. Improve Graphics: By forcing 4x MSAA you can improve the quality of the graphics in games on your device, keep in mind that this will decrease battery life faster. This can be done by “Forcing 4X MSAA”
  3. Enable USB Debugging: This is a feature always handy to have turned on. Specially when wanting to install custom ROMS etc. from your PC onto your device.
  4. Fake GPS: With apps constantly tracking us, enabling the fake GPS and using an app like Fake GPS will give apps a fake location of where you are. Just a handy layer of security.

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