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What is Youtube Music key and How do i download it?

You might have heard people talk about a new service from Youtube called “Music Key”. While Youtube is the biggest video streaming service in the world, what is this “Music” thing they are launching? Well, it might be a little confusing but we are here to solve just that. Lets take a look at what the fuzz is all about and how you can start using the service

What is Youtube Music Key?

Youtube Music Key is a music streaming service that for $9.99 gives you unlimited access to all of an artists music while not being disturbed by ads similar to many other streaming services. In a sense it is very similar to Google Play All Access which for the same price allows you to essentially do the same thing.

What makes it different from Google Play All Access

Youtube is owned by Google, so what, are they launching the same thing under the same brand? Well, the answer is yes and no. Music Key will give you access to different type of content from an artist, the music beyond an artist’s traditional back-catalogue like life performances, covers, remixes etc.

So do i have to pay $9.99 for both services?

No, you can pay once with your Google account and enjoy both Google Play all access and Youtube Music Key, the service is available for 30 days to try out. Another thing that the service includes is offline listening, leaked pictures show that more then 20 million songs will be available for offline listening.

So how can i start using Youtube Music Key?

Currently Music Key isn’t available yet, in fact it hasn’t even been announced. All the information that we currently know about the service have been from leaks from different sources. It is yet unknown when the service will launch but it is almost certain that it will. It could be very possible that Google will launch it shortly after Android L is released to the public.