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Full list of 60 Must Have Compatible Apple Watch Apps

The Apple Watch is now available for pre-order and being sold out world wide in less then 10 minutes means that Apple has done it again. As users are anxiously waiting for their device to arrive the 24th, Developers are working hard on making their app compatible with the Apple Watch.

You can install Apps on your Apple Watch by downloading it on your iPhone. Apple will include more then 20 apps of its own into the Apple Watch and there are currently more then 1.000 developers working on getting their app to work with the Apple Watch by launch. Bellow is a list of 60 Must Have Compatible Apple Watch Apps that will be available at launch

 60 Must Have Compatible Apple Watch Apps

Compatible Apple Watch Apps

  1. Messages
  2. Phone
  3. Mail
  4. Calendar
  5. Activity
  6. Workout
  7. Maps
  8. Passbook
  9. Siri
  10. Weather
  11. Stocks
  12. Settings
  13. Music
  14. Remote
  15. Camera Remote
  16. Photos
  17. Timer
  18. Alarm
  19. Stop Watch
  20. World Clock
  21. Twitter
  22. Instagram
  23. Evernote
  24. eBay
  25. Expedia
  26. TripAdvisor
  27. American Airlines
  28. Starwood hotels
  29. Babbel
  30. Nike+
  31. Runtastic
  32. Strava
  33. Lifesum
  34. ESPN
  35. MLB
  36. PaybyPhone parking
  37. Citymapper
  38. BMW iRemote
  39. Honeywell lyric
  40. Lutron Caseta
  41. Green Kitchen
  42. Open Table
  43. Target
  44. SKyGuide
  45. Dark sky
  46. Fandango
  47. Mayo Clinic Synthesis
  48. Redfin
  49. Salesforce Wave
  50. Procreate Pocket
  51. Mint Personal Finance
  52. CommitTo3
  53. Invoice2go
  54. CitiMobile Lite
  55. NPR One
  56. CNN
  57. New York Times
  58. PaceMaker DJ
  59. Shazam
  60. Boxpop

How to install Apple Watch Apps

Installing an app on the Apple Watch is a little different then one would expect. The Apple Watch it self has a very limited amount of storage that is why you don’t directly install the app on the Apple Watch instead it is installed on the iPhone. Bellow is a guide on How to install Compatible Apple Watch Apps

  1. Make sure your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone
  2. this can be done by opening the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  3. Click on “Start Pairing”
  4. Hold Apple Watch up to your iPhone’s camera so the screen is in alignment with the yellow outlined box on your iPhone’s screen
  5. Then follow the on screen instruction that is shown on your iPhone
  6. Once done, open up the Apple Watch app
  7. On the right bottom corner choose the “App Store”
  8. Choose any app and hit the “install” button

Like mentioned before, non-Apple apps will be hosted on the iPhone. Later this year Apple will start to allow developers to to begin developing apps that will run natively on the Apple Watch.

20 Pre-installed Stock Apple Watch Apps

built-in Apple Watch apps

Like we mentioned earlier, Apple has more then 20 apps pre-installed on the Apple Watch. These apps are crucial to get the most out of your device, bellow is a list of all the 20 pre installed “Stock” Apple Watch Apps

  1. Messages: Allows you to see and reply directly to incoming messages
  2. Phone: Allows you to accept, decline or put a caller on hold.
  3. Mail: Allows you to check your email, mark as read and write a reply using your voice
  4. Calendar: see what when next appointments are as well as receive appointment reminders right on their wrist
  5. Activity: Allows you to track all of your Health stats. This apps shows a summary of the information shown in the Health app
  6. Workout:  Allows you to monitor real-time stats such as distance moved, pace and the calories you have burned
  7. Maps: Turn by turn navigation allows you to find your way back home when you are lost right from your wrist.
  8. Passbook: Access all of your recently purchased tickets and discounts right from your wrist. You will also be able to use the Apple Watch to scan your boarding pass.
  9. Siri
  10. Music: control the music that is playing on their iPhone or using Bluetooth speakers or earphones and leave their iPhone at home.
  11. Remote: Control your Apple TV right from your wrist
  12. Camera Remote: see a live preview of what your iPhone’s camera is looking at and then you will be able to remotely activate the shutter, too.
  13. Weather: Shows the latest weather information of your current location
  14. Stocks
  15. Photos: Browse through your latest photos. You can even delete them.
  16. Settings
  17. Alarm
  18. Stopwatch
  19. Timer
  20. World Clock