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Install Android L Developer preview from a Mac

If you like Both Apple and Android, you are most likely using a Mac but still want to install the new Android L Developer preview on your Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 smartphone. In our previous guide we covered how to install Android L from a Windows PC to your Android Device, now we are going to take a look at how to install Android L on your Android smartphone using a Mac running Mac OSX

  1. First we are going to download everything we need
  2. Download the Factory image of Android L here
  3. Fastboot and ADB for Mac here
  4. Once downloaded, we are going to put it all in a folder on our desktop (it will make it easier to use the command line) and call the folder “android”
  5. Put all the downloaded files in the folder
  6. It should end up looking something like this: (you can find the flash-all.bat inside the compressed files, we recommend you use 7zip to extract them)android l folder
  7. Ok, so now we have everything. Open up the command line on your Mac
  8. and write: cd USERNAME/desktop/android
  9. On your Nexus smartphone, reboot them into bootloader mode
  10. Connect your Nexus device to your Mac using a USB cable
  11. to make sure it is connected correctly, type in the command prompt: ./fastboot devices
  12. If it detects it, we can proceed to run the following command: fastboot oem unlock
  13. Get your Nexus smartphone and make sure to confirm the selection
  14. Once it is done unlocking the bootloader, proceed to run the following command: ./

Remember that upgrading your Nexus device to Android L will wipe all of your data, this is why we highly recommend you back up your device before you start upgrading.

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