Nexus 6 experiencing burn in problems after just a few days of use

After the pre-order issues users have just discovered another mayor issue with the Nexus 6. According to Eric Griffin and several other Nexus 6 users the AMOLED display used on the latest Nexus has some issues causing to burn-in frequently displayed images on the screen like the task bar and keyboard.

“Unbelievable… Just got my #Nexus6 and I am already seeing the keyboard and status bar burned in after just a few days. What crappy version of Amoled is Google using?”

AMOLED Displays do deteriorate over time but it normally takes a couple of years before images start to burn-in, with the Nexus 6 apparently after just a few days of use. It is yet unknown what exactly is causing the Nexus 6 burn in issue and if Google will offer replacements for those affected. Maybe it is time to start trending #Burngate?

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  1. Got my Nexus 6 – vertical and horizontal ghost lines banding were terrible. Google gave me the replacement, but got another problem… no banding lines anymore, but now brigthness levels and screen temperatures were completely off – bottom half was warmer, upper half of display was cooler… created clips on youtube…. Oh – btw – both phones I had did show signs of burning-in… especially against dark gray color and showing exact spots of burn-ins…
    Sent back first phone… sending back for full refund the replacement phone as well… I will have to sit this one out for a few months before Motorola fixes this issue…
    PS Never liked Motorola and I was just wondering where will they drop the ball … did not take long to find out that, that’s for sure!

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