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Xiaomi reveals new $13 Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker

Xiaomi has just revealed its new Xiaomi Mi band fitness tracker that will monitor your fitness and track your sleep levels, similar to the Fitbit and Samsung Gear Fit. The new device doesn’t have a display instead it has 3 LED’s that will let inform users about notifications on their phone.

Xiaomi fitness band tracker

one of the most surprising things about the fitness band is its price as it costs just $13 and not $100 or more like many of the other fitness trackers. The band has an IP67 rating (which means it is water and dust resistant) and its battery can last up to 30 days

As of now we don’t know a specific release date for the device, we do know that it will only be compatible with Xiaomi smartphones with the possibility to add support for other devices in the future. We expect the device to be released sometime late 2014