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OnePlus Two coming mid 2015 with smaller display

While users are still desperately looking for a OnePlus One invite and others still haven’t forget the horrible marketing campaign OnePlus did to give female users free invites the OnePlus team has confirmed during a Reddit AMA that it is already working on a successor to the OnePlus One called the OnePlus Two.

In the AMA, the team has confirmed the new device can be expected to be reveal during Q2 – Q3 2015 and that they are thinking about using a smaller form factor. The OnePlus One currently boosts a huge 5.5inch display which many users think is “too big” or at least not the perfect size for their hands, in an effort to improve the one-handed experience we could see the OnePlus Two featuring a 5.2, 5.0 or 4.7 inch display.

There have also been many complaints about the OnePlus invitation system and it appears like the new OnePlus Two won’t have an invitation system, as the start up has grown since it launched its first smartphone the company now no longer requires it. The team has already ditched the invitation system for the One starting next month. Want to change your OnePlus One boot logo? Learn how to do so here