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Windows 9 rumors claim it will just be called “Windows”

Tons of information and rumors regarding Microsoft’s new Windows 9 operation system have already leaked, claiming it will feature new UI elements, a new “look” and mayor changes to the Metro UI. Most of these sound great, but as far as naming the OS Microsoft might create a ton of confusion.

According to softpedia Microsoft could call Windows 9 just “Windows” the main reason this has been done is to clear up some confusion created by Windows 8 and its different versions like Windows 8.1. Windows 8 also created confusion with tablets as users thought they could get the full Windows 8 OS at a very affordable price only to discover that the OS installed on the Surface tablet has much more limitations then the desktop one.

Back in 2013 Microsoft already started a marketing campaign called “Microsoft Everywhere” which was meant to show users how it “give consumers one experience across devices for everything in their live” and in an effort to revamp this campaign, Microsoft is going for a name change.

The final official Windows release

It has also been rumored that this will be the final release of Windows and that from now on Microsoft will add new features and improvements in a form of update, similar to how Apple does it with Mac OSX which offers free upgrades to new versions of the Mac OSX operation system.

Why calling it just “Windows” will create confusion

Like mentioned previously, Microsoft wants to call Windows 9 just “windows” to clear up confusion, but we believe this will actually create more confusion. Lets say a normal user which doesn’t know much about tech wants to buy a tablet, he sees a commercial of a Surface tab with “Windows” on it for a price of just $299 and thinks “wow, thats cheap” he runs to the store and buys one only to discover that the Windows installed isn’t the same on on desktop and is instead an adopted version for tablets. Letting users know the difference between the PC version and Tablet version of Windows is important and this is not something Microsoft will accomplish with this name change.