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How to add more apps to Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode

If you own a Galaxy S5 you might have used the Ultra power saving mode, allowing your handset to last for nearly 30 hours on only 10% of charge. One way of accomplishing this is by not allowing users to use certain apps UPSM by default blocks almost all apps when enabled, but what about Facebook, whatsapp and other important apps you just have to use?

UPSM manager

Meet the S5 UPSM Manager a simple app available for $1 that will allow you to manage the apps that are available when Ultra power saving mode is active, you can enable or disable any app on your phone. Your device must be rooted in order to use this app (How to Root your Galaxy S5). The app doesn’t solve the issue where a maximum of 6 apps can be enabled, so make sure to choose wisely!