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No new products at Samsung 28th of May event

Samsung VP Stefan Heuser has confirmed to Re/code  that it won’t reveal any new products during its event taking place the 28th of May. Samsung started to send out invitations about a week ago of the event which was initially rumored to be health and fitness related. Earlier this year Samsung already revealed its new Galaxy S5, Gear Fit and Gear smartwatch which are all very much health related.

Many thought Samsung would reveal its new Galaxy S5 mini (called Galaxy S5 Dx) but instead we might see Samsung reveal software for its electronics department (refrigerators, microwaves etc.) Earlier this year we saw LG reveal  LG Homechat a service that will allow you to communicate with your refrigerator, washing machine and other electronics, it could be that Samsung will reveal similar software to this. which can make it more compatible with consumer products like its smartphones and smartwaches, but don’t expect this to become available until later this year as new products start to roll out.

This announcement by Samsung’s VP seems to be done to narrow down our expectations of the event but it has actually made me more curious now.