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Microsoft new Surface Pro 3 “The tablet that can replace your laptop”

Microsoft has just introduced its new Surface Pro 3 tablet, calling it “The tablet that can replace your laptop”, after working hard for more then 3 years on the device the new 12inch device is meant to replace its predecessor the Surface Pro 2, similar to the Pro 2 it also features the kickstand and can be used with a type cover.

The device is just 9.1mm thick and runs on an Intel Core i7 processor making it the thinnest Intel Core powered device in the world, with a stunning 2160 x 1440 resolution. The tablet also has a new docking station allowing you to transform the tablet into a true PC with mice and keyboard. In the image bellow you can take a look at the new docking station

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 docking

The kickstand: The device has different degree angle’s, allowing you to tilt the device at a 22-degree angle and 150-degree angle. These are the perfect angles to be able to use the surface on your lap with the new Type Covers, it is thinner and has a larger trackpad then the previous Type cover.

surface pro 3 keyboard

The Surface Stylus: Or how Microsoft calls it, the “Pen” is meant to make writing feel organic and natural “like writing on a piece of paper” the pen comes included when purchasing a new Surface Pro 3 tablet, everything written with the pen on OneNote can be automatically synced with OneDrive

The device is available for pre-order today and goes on sale tomorrow and comes in 3 different editions each with a different processor. T

Surface Pro 3 price

he Intel i3 Version starts at $799 i5 version at $999 and i7 at  $1,549..Bonus: This is a picture of the front row of the conference:

front row Microsoft conference

Here is the announcement video from the Conference: