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What is Zocalo and is it better than Dropbox?

Amazon has just launched a new cloud storage service called Zocalo. Zocalo makes use of Amazon S3 technology to store your data to the cloud and sync your files between your Smartphone and PC. One of the main things that make Zocalo stand out is its incredible low price and capability to be a “DropBox Killer”. Lets take a more in-depth look at how Zocalo works and what Zocalo is

What is Zocalo?

Making use of Amazon’s amazing S3 technology, Zocalo is a secure enterprise storage service which allows users to easily store files in the cloud and sync them between your computer, smartphone, tablet and other devices you might have, or as Amazon descirbed them selfs

 “store, share, and gather feedback on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, webpages, images, PDFs, or text files – from the device of their choice.”

Zocalo is currently available on Desktop, iOS, Amazon App Store and Android. We expect that soon we will see apps become available on Windows Phone and Blackberry.

What Makes Zocalo stand out: Its pricing & Quality

Just like Amazon Web Service, the pricing and quality of the service are 2 things that make them stand out. Currently, DropBox offers 100GB of Storage for $10 a month but Zocalo offers 200GB of storage at just $5 a month. This in combination of the high quality service we are used to from Amazon makes it a true fierce competitor

Why has Amazon decided to launch Zocalo?

It is very simple, it already owns the cloud computing market with its web service and by now launching Zocalo, Amazon now offers every possible cloud service available and allows companies to easily start using it since it works together great with AWS (which already has millions of customers) and it allows Amazon to completely dominate the cloud market.

What are some of Zocalo’s main features?

Lets take a look at what makes Zocalo so special (that isn’t the incredibly low price)

  • Easy file sharing: The service allwos you to share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, webpages, images, PDFs, or text files with others.
  • Multiplatform:  The service can be accessed from any device and isn’t restricted like Apple’s own iCloud which can only be used on Apple devices.
  • Central “hub”:   Zocalo provides users with a central location for both the documents and files they are reviewing as well as those they own and are soliciting feedback on.
  • Amazon Workspaces: Amazon WorkSpaces, AWS’s virtual desktop in the cloud service, is integrated with Amazon Zocalo.
  • Ease of use: Build for business, the service is easy to use and can be used by everybody.
  • Security: All data stored in Amazon Zocalo is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Amazon’s approach to businesses and not end-user

Lets get back and talk a little more about Zocalo being a possible DropBox killer. What makes it highly possible is the fact that Dropbox is a company that focuses on end-users, its goal is to always win new users like you and me. Zocalo? No, Amazon has decided to go after businesses, something it has already accomplished with AWS and has already thousands of big companies using its service (among companies that use AWS are dropbox it self, netflix, hulu etc.)