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Want to work at Dropbox? Here are 10 Job interview questions

We all know that Apple, Amazon and Google have weird questions they ask you when applying for a job and it seems to be a popular thing among tech companies in general to ask “weird” questions when hiring someone new. Popular cloud service Dropbox also has 10 questions it will ask you at your first job interview, if it is your dream to get a job there make sure to answer the following questions right:

  1. If you were a Lamp Genius and you could give super powers to one person, who would it be and what super power would you give him?
  2. How would you explain Dropbox to your grandmother? and to a person with lots of technical knowledge?
  3. Explain something that is seen as a “geek” thing
  4. What metric system would you use to calculate the overall happiness of the consumer?
  5. What is your best trick at a party?
  6. What can you do that no one else can?
  7. What do you think about Dropbox music?
  8. If you buy a toaster and in the user manual it says “Ready for Dropbox”. How would the average consumer look at this?
  9. If a zombie apocalypse just started, what would you do in the next hour?
  10. How would you calculate the amount of Dropbox users based on the world population? Explain your logic.

Are you able to answer all of these questions? Well, then you can apply for a job at Dropbox! Currently, Dropbox has more then 50.000.0000 users and more then 1 million files are saved every 3 minutes its main competitors are cloud services like OneDrive from Microsoft, iCloud from Apple and Google Drive from Google.

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