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Why Bi Technology Is Leading The Vibrating Sieves Market


Over the last years, Bi Technology has become one of the leaders in the sector of industrial machinery. Now, their Vibrating Sieves are considered some of the bests you can find in the market.

A company with the most advanced machinery

If you want to create a business that involves processes like storage or iron removal, you need to carefully check in order to find the most advanced ones in the market. This way you will be able to compete on the ever growing market. Today we want to talk about Bi technology, a company whose products can be very helpful for anyone who is getting started on the industry or who wants to upgrade their old machinery system.

Bi technology was founded under the name I.mec on the late 80’s in Italy. On 1999, they changed the company name to Bi technology and specialized on vibrating screens and iron removal systems, including extra ceramic sectors as well like food or pharmaceutical industries where processes like storage or iron removal are vital parts of the production process.

Their hard work quickly paid off, making them one of the most reliables companies in the sector, with some of the most varguandistic machinery you can find for your business. If you are looking for products like dissolving units, vibratory sieves or pumps, you should definitely check out their catalogue. With products of such high quality, you are due to not be dissapointed.

Getting a Vibratory Sieve you can trust

Vibrating sieves are a type of industrial machinery that is employed in order to make an efficient separation of different products.

The vibration this machine generates separate the different particles in the mix based on their size.

Sieves like the Vibrating Screen for glazes BI.S.V. 130 200 240 320 include a Electric motor vibrator in stainless steel and a Pneumatic motor vibrator that produces the vibration and keep the product moving towards the outlets, so more products can be processed.

Why Bi Technology Is Leading The Vibrating Sieves Market - 1

This kind of machine can be very useful in different fields, for example:

  • In the ceramic field: it can be located below the supplying tanks in order to be used on the glazing lines. It can develop the function of checking the glaze while working on getting the generated residues processed.
  • In the milling field: milling departments often generate a huge amount of residues along their elaboration process. Using a vibrating screen can help you test those residues in an efficient manner.
  • In the alimentary field: Vibrating screens are particularly useful in the alimentary industry, where a precise control of small quantities is often required in order to preserve the quality of the final product.

These vibrating sieves are an industry gadget that comes with many perks you should check out when deciding to purchase one. The most important perk you should know is that they are very low in price. With just a small investment you can speed up your company whole production level.

Their advanced design has evolved to the point when they are almost noiseless thanks to their modern motor system, so you will barely notice that they are even here.

The screens are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, which made them very resistant, as well as very hygienic, which you should take into account especially when it comes to food or pharmaceutical factories.

Another perk of choosing a vibrating sieve created by Bi Technology compared to choosing one of the competition, is that Bi technology models are very compact and of easy installation. This will ensure that no matter the industry business you run, you will not have any problem incorporating one of those to your production process.

It is very important to do a good research when upgrading our business production machinery or starting a new one.

Looking out for products from companies top of the sector will help ensuring you that this transition goes smoothly and your company can succeed.