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We Must Fix Our Infrastructure in the UK

Fix Our Roads

We don’t know what we have until it is gone. Of course, this is a saying that we may hear all the time and it may be a cliche. But you know the thing about cliches, they are there for a reason, more often than not, they are true.

The fact is that we take things for granted and then realize its value only when it is gone.

Such is the case with our roads and infrastructure within the United Kingdom.

We see the signs of an infrastructure breakdown everywhere and the private sector, with companies such as Lease Car are getting involved to voice their concern and do their part to improve the present conditions.

Our infrastructure problem is something that we may not have thought about until now.


We automatically think that our local governments would do their job and maintain our roads.

Unfortunately, they haven’t risen to the challenge and the problem has gotten much bigger. Further, it is now a full blown pothole pandemic. The simple truth is that we need to fix our roads and we need to start doing so now.

Let’s find out a bit more about this issue to understand the gravity of the situation.

Roads Affect Daily Life in the UK

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We’ve all seen it several times, several cars are driving on the road and suddenly, they swerve to avoid a pothole. Sure, potholes keep drivers alert but the daily commute should be far from an obstacle course, that much is true.

We loathe potholes because they can pose great danger to ourselves and our vehicles. The problem with danger is that it brings with it great costs that we must watch out for in our daily lives. These costs affect other spending aspects of our lives and it can add up when spread out and scaled up over many situations. For instance, if one person or ten people encounter a pothole and see damage, that is a small issue but if 100 people see damage and problems, the costs start to rise, affecting society in more ways than one.

Indeed, costs spill over to the local council and invariably back to the people, to those who pay taxes. It’s a vicious situation with little to no winners. People file claims for property damage and personal injury and this issue will continue to be a factor, if something doesn’t change.

You’ve probably seen the comments on social media as these issues also will have an online presence. We also see that tech startups have shied away from addressing these issues because tech startups may not see the long-term business model in collaborating with the local councils.

The Claims Go Up

The worst #potholepandemic offenders are Surrey County, Hampshire, Hertfordhshire, and Kent. Claims continue to rise in these areas and something must change as we move into this new year. Did you know that reported claims in these areas are over 1,500 to 2,000 or more?

It is a grave situation but one of the ways to address it is by being vocal and expressing yourself on social media with the pothole pandemic hashtag.

We’ll drive attention and work together to make our roads safe again.