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Running a Tech Startup? Here’s How to Establish a Rapport With Your Target Audience

If you run a tech-related startup in today’s day and age, then you might agree that managing your operations can get super stressful.

With new businesses entering the various subsectors of the industry every other day, it is difficult to make your presence known to your tech-savvy audience. Flashy Facebook ads can only get you so far, while Google ads can break the bank pretty easily. YouTube ads fall prey to adblockers, and Twitter fails to deliver the kind of exposure you need.

That’s where you can make use of email marketing as a tried and tested awareness mechanism. By turning to this powerful medium, you cannot only reach out to your target audience in an affordable way. You can also have optimal opportunity to make your case to potential clients.

Why Should You Use Cold Email Marketing for Audience Outreach?

Since over two decades, cold email marketing campaigns have been fulfilling the goals of audience awareness with quite some ease.

By reaching out to your target audience at their own convenience, you can make sure that they are listening to what you have to say instead of feeling annoyed by your ads disturbing their leisure time.

A well-devised email marketing campaign also gives your tech-savvy customers the ability to learn more details about your business. For detail oriented tech businesses, this is a far more effective way to describe their offerings than the three lines of a Google AdWord ad or a busy-looking image of a Facebook Ad.

When your emails are designed in an informative way, they can also push past the Spam filter of popular email clients. Instead, they get delivered right to your audience’s inbox. This also helps you in making sure that your cold email isn’t going in vain.

But those are just the benefits of email marketing for a new business and why you should use it as an outreach mechanism. What you really need is an explanation regarding how you should use this tool effectively to get the most out of your efforts.

The following details do just that, and help you understand how you can use this tech-based marketing medium to your advantage.

Use a Simple Design

Running a Tech Startup? Here's How to Establish a Rapport With Your Target Audience - 1

Some businesses tend to go crazy with their cold email design and end up using a number of fonts or colors within a single email message. As a result, their email seems more like a noisy explosion of different styles instead of a coherent message trying to tell their audience something of importance.

In order to reach out to your audience in a way that makes it easy for them to learn your brand, make sure to keep your design clean and simple.

This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon all color and joy from your promotional emails. Just make sure that you are not making it a graphic design school template and use sensible design choices. As long as your emails follow visual coherency, they would be able to connect with your audience properly.

The best way to go about it is to create a uniform style template that you can use with each of your outgoing emails. This ensures that your emails follow a proper design format and keeps your design staff from straying away from your overall aesthetic.

Don’t Use Caps or Show Urgency in the Subject Line

With the increase of mobile phone usage around the world, most of your target audience is prone to reading their emails on their phones. Some of them filter the emails they receive by the subject line itself, which makes it the most crucial part of your cold email campaigns.

To grab the attention of their target audience, many businesses make the mistake of writing their subject line in an obnoxious manner. But this actually ends up harming the campaign and making customers delete their emails or mark them as read without throwing them a second glance.

For instance, reading a subject line in caps can be very off-putting especially when you are dealing with a tech-oriented audience. Similarly, a subject line that comes with words such as “Urgent” or “Open Now” spells unprofessionalism in bold letters – even if you never wrote the term in the first place. By the way, this also holds true to using the Urgent market on emails without any reason. It simply irritates customers and is not a good look on you.

Keeping this in mind, make sure that you devise your cold email campaigns with a subject line that highlights your message without being annoying.

If possible, use keywords that relate to your niche in tech and describe a need that your business caters to effectively. This is a very helpful way to tell your target audience that you have something they might enjoy, and helps more clients actually open your emails.

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

As mentioned above, tech-savvy users now utilize their smartphones for almost everything. This also includes the act of checking their emails.

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses can do in the modern marketing environment is failing to check if their email template is optimized for mobile devices.

Any email that appears garbled or jumbled on a smartphone can be deemed ineffective right away. Any users who are utilizing their mobile devices to check your email wouldn’t go past the trouble to try to decipher what you are saying through a convoluted template.

This is why it is essential that you check your cold email templates for mobile optimization before rolling them out. This ensures that all of your emails actually have the potential to be read. This also makes sure that you are not cast aside by a potential customer as a startup that doesn’t even know how to draft their emails.

What makes this tip so important to follow is how it doesn’t really take a long time to optimize your emails for mobile. By following a few simple steps, you can turn any cold email into a mobile friendly newsletter.

These simple email marketing tips do not only help you reach out to your tech-savvy audience effectively, but they also improve your chances to leave a positive impression. As a result, you can get the most out of your efforts and investment, while also growing your customer base effectively.