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Is the new Nexus 6 WaterProof?

Google has just introduced its new flagship smartphone, the Nexus 6. The device features some incredible specs but also a mind blowing price as it is the most expensive Nexus smartphone yet. All these things are great, but is the new $649 Nexus 6 waterproof? Is it water resistant? How deep can i put it under water?

Nexus 6 waterproof

Is the Nexus 6 Waterproof or Water Resistant?

The new Nexus 6 is water resistant but not waterproof. The new device can take a little water as it is considered “splash-resistant” (like the Moto X) but isn’t completely water proof like the Sony Xperia Z3 which can be submerged completely under water. The official Motorola Website provides a little more information about this showing a simple “Water Resistant” and then “Yes” tag.

As of now the official IP rating of the device is unknown (you can learn more about IP ratings here) usually one of the main reasons a device isn’t waterproof is because of the difficulties it can create when trying to repair the device, more over this here