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Automatically Manage Libraries For Your Whole Organization

Careful planning and preparation are mandatory for almost every task we do, and it isn’t any different for electronic designers. If the electronic designer wants to manufacture his product, he has to come up with a functional design that is innovative and offers high durability that can compete with the competition that is always improving. The technology has advanced exponentially over the last decade, and it continues to rise at the same pace, if not even faster.

That fact also gives more headaches to electronic designers, as different electronic parts regularly change their specifications, and it is essential to analyze what is on the market. Tracking the market is an overwhelming process as there are many factors which make the part the best one for your design. Every designer has to calculate how much money will he spend on the materials. Manually doing this is tedious and time-consuming, and while someone may do it on this „traditional” way, many electronic designers have adapted to the most efficient way to manage your parts.

It is the SMART PARTS analyzer that has become known for helping electronic designers make their ideas into reality. It brings many advantages to the table when determining which parts to implement in your design. What’s best, it does it swiftly and significantly reduces the time needed for finding the best parts for your design. Most BOM (bill of materials) methods are plagued with incorrect data, inconsistent information, and incompleteness. That is to be expected, as electronic designers make many mistakes in this process as they have to analyze data manually. With CIIVA SMART PARTS, all of these BOM problems will go away as this process is automated and will, in most cases, give you the best parts depending on your budget and preferences. The most important factor in all of this is accuracy, and CIIVA SMART PARTS offers very high accuracy in choosing the right parts for your design.

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Benefits that you get with this analyzer are numerous. It will give you access to thousands and thousands of parts in the component database and additional information regarding life cycle, price, and availability of parts. There is a one-click analysis option that will gather the most cost-efficient parts for your design. If some parts of your design may be obsolete, this utility will find a competent alternative while keeping notice of your budget. This software also helps designers with optimizations of their design. It is done with the support of Intelligent Data Management Technology that will optimize the components for your design basing on their functionality and price. All of this is done automatically, and this technology intelligently organizes and updates part libraries. When you’re done with all that work, you will save all this data somewhere. This utility securely stores all the component libraries so you can access them at any time.

Overall, the CIIVA SMART PARTS analyzer is a very powerful utility that has transformed the whole BOM process. It provides every electronic designer with detailed info about parts that you need for your design, such as price and availability of the selected part. This utility helps with managing and controlling the whole design process, as it determines which components should you replace and forecasts the lifecycle of the components. It’s no wonder that many electronic designers have transferred from manual BOM analysis to this utility, as the technology that powers this software is made using intelligent algorithms that greatly automatize the design process.

Thanks to this utility, many designers have a chance to come up with a functional and durable product that will shake the competition.