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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

In the world we live in today, a first impression for any business goes a long way. When a company has a strong online presence, they’re seen as more credible and attract more traffic. There are so many different ways business owners can increase their web presence and better represent themselves.

One sure way to get your company name out there is hiring a service that manages digital portfolios like Icreon development company. Icreon is a useful resource that puts innovation to work, making your brand stand out. Here are 5 ways companies similar to this can improve your online presence.

1. Optimize Search Results

Visitors of your website will most likely find you by searching for the service or deals you are associated with. By using search engine optimization (SEO) you can put yourself on the top of search engine results. All you need to do is capitalize on these specific keywords. With a strong mix of short and long-tail keywords you can increase traffic to an already established website.

If you are struggling to find keywords that fit your company or presence then consider researching your competitors. In addition to researching what others may find successful, there are a number of tools that will allow you to analyze and compare possible keywords.

So, if you want to rank on that top page of results, use SEO the right way.

2. Use Social Media

Social media is an exceptionally powerful tool for generating buzz and interest for your company. By having a strong social media influence you can quickly inform returning customers of new developments or offers that you have just made.

Additionally, with social media you can reach a wider audience of people and use apps like Facebook or Instagram to promote yourself to people who would not otherwise be searching for your business.

3. Have a Professional Website

Although you may already be running a website for your business or company, there are a few quick improvements that you can make that will elevate your web presence as it stands.

One of the most important things to remember is to only put forward content or information that is important to your business. Often companies will add additional filler content to complete a website and make it look more full. Doing this can overwhelm a visitor causing them to become uninterested or lost.

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4. Use Advertisements

Although it may seem like the obvious way to generate more traffic or interest in yourself, that does not make it any less of an important tip. Look for online communities or websites that share the same interest as your customers. Once you have found people who will be interested, the advertisements you purchase will drive them to your own website, where you can capitalize on the traffic.

5. Use an Email Subscription Service

By allowing your users to opt-in to an email service, you can give yourself a direct connection to any online visitors. This can come in many forms. The best way to do this however is by using a funnel to capture the website user’s attention immediately. By quickly presenting the option to receive new deals or information on your business, you can create a community of your own.

It is important to understand that having the ability to contact potential customers does not mean that you should. Find a balance when contacting people and keep emails brief and informative.


These five tips may not seem to be the largest changes to your web presence, but the impact they will have is incomparable. With new ways to optimize the traffic you already have, as well as increase interest, your company will be able to reap the benefits of a professional and useful web presence.