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Locket will pay you to unlock your Android Phone

I have a dream… that some day i can unlock my smartphone and get paid for doing so! Well, that dream just came true with Locket a neat little Android app that will show you advertisement on your lock screen and when you unlock it, you get a small percentage of the Ad revenue.

Locket will show you ad relevant to what you like and where you are and will allow you to choose to swipe right or swipe left. Swipe right to unlock your phone normally and swap left to “engage with the Ad”.

Locket will allow you to get a maximum of $0.03 cents a hour which means that in 14 days you would make about $10 that is unlocking your phone, 24 hours long, 3 times a hour. It might not be much but its better then getting nothing for unlocking your phone, you are doing it anyway!

You can receive your money in form of Coupon codes for places like Domino’s Pizza. Locket is currently only available for Android since iOS doesn’t allow such costumization.

Check out Locket on the Play Store.

Source: GetLocket Blog