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How to Protect your Android smartphone against the Heartbleed virus

The last time we covered the Heartbleed Virus was a few months back, but it seems like the virus is affecting Android smartphones over Wifi according to A new report from Portuguese security researcher Luis Grangeia.What is the "HeartBleed Virus" again? it is an encryption flaw (and is being called one of the biggest security threats the…

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Coinbase security vulnerability caused huge leak in user information

At the end of February Shubham Shah notified in a blog post  that a bug could cause huge harm to Coinbase worlds most popular Bitcoin exchange platform and it seems like hackers have exploited this security vulnerability Shubham has warned Coinbase about 4 months ago as hundreds of users are reporting on Reddit  that they are receiving phishing emails…

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Target Credit Card hacked

Target knew about the security vulnerability before it got hacked

Several months back Target had a huge security breach leading to massive credit and debit card information leak where up to 70 million costumers saw not just their credit and debit cards but also their names, addresses and phone numbers ending up in the wrong hands.Now people familiar with the matter told WSJ that Target one of Americas largest retailing…

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unbrick galaxy s6

Root Galaxy S6 without affecting KNOX using PingPongRoot

Almost all custom ROMs for the Galaxy S6 affect Samsung's security software KNOX. Previously it was impossible for users to install a custom ROM like Cyanogenmod and keep KNOX from voiding your device's hardware warranty but the PingPongRoot developer idler1984 has managed to root Galaxy S6 without removing KNOX using PingPongRoot.The method explained bellow doesn't require ODIN…

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Privacy smartphone

Blackphone vs Privacy Phone: Which one is the most secure?

Personal privacy, once taken for granted, today finds itself under a never-ending threat from government agencies and hackers intent on spying on and leveraging personal information and communications. Huge technology companies on whom most or all of our online communications rely on have even been implicated in assisting with the government dragnet, leaving consumers with…

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