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Why you should not use BitLy: Google warns for Malware

The popular URL shortener called BitLy has been blocked by Google and Firefox claiming the site contains malware. Thousands of users have been unable to access URL’s which are mainly used in social networks like Twitter over the last couple of hours as (according to Google) “ is infected with malware and is blocked for this reason.”  (An official statement from Google or Bitly is currently pending but we will update the post if we receive new details) malware

Over the past 3 months Google has been monitoring the popular URL shortener and has found that from the 91,854 pages it tested on the site 669 contained malware, from the 669 over  200 were trojans, 185 security exploits and 152 scripting exploits.

It seems that since the issue has caught the medias attention, Firefox now enables access to the website again without showing the security error window before accessing the website.