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Bitcoin Mining: Will it remain profitable? - 1

Bitcoin Mining: Will it remain profitable?

Bitcoin. The internet currency has exploded in popularity and recognition in the last year, going from a project for hobbyists and crypto-anarchists to something being considered and discussed as a legitimate investment and currency. Bitcoins can be purchased from various companies and exchanges, but they can also be "mined" using specialized software and hardware designed…

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Bitcoin homeless man

Homeless man from Minnesota found begging for Bitcoins

A homeless man from Minnesota has been spotted begging people on the street for Bitcoin donations. The man spotted near the University of Minnesota was holding a sign asking people to make a small deposit to his wallet using the virtual currency Bitcoins which with its low transaction costs and speed seems to getting more popular…

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bitcoin conference 2014

Meet the Bitcoin Island

According to its Treasury Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf a small island in the English Channel called Jersey will become world's first Bitcoin Island. The cryptocurrency was introduced on the island to replace local cash and is mentioned to be used to pay for small things like newspapers, Bus tickets, drinks, etc. but Senator Philip Ozouf…

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