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You can now pay with Bitcoins at Best Buy and Toys “R” Us using Pounce

The one-tap shopping app called Pounce works with several major US retailers like Best Buy and Toys “R” Us which allows the customer to make a purchase using the app on their smartphone, now Coinbase the most popular digital wallet that allows you to buy, use and accept bitcoin  has teamed up with Pounce to make in-store purchases possible using Bitcoins at the mayor US retailers mentioned earlier, Coinbase reports on its official blog

thanks to our integration, those customers will be able to make their purchases in bitcoin.

This could potentially be a huge step for the cryptocurrency after being covered in negative media regarding the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox and other major online bitcoin exchange platforms like Flexcoin.

Pounce is an app available exclusively on iOS but the company says it is working hard on bringing the “Pounce experience to Android”. As far as we are aware there have been no issues with the app on the Apple app store. Here is a video showing how the app works