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Samsung having issues with Fingerprint sensor production

Samsung has delayed the implementation of a Fingerprint sensor into the Galaxy note 3 because it was unable to find manufacturers who could keep up with the demand of the components, after this Samsung has decided it would be best if it would manufacture its own fingerprint. This is something it is currently doing with the Galaxy S5 in which Samsung is providing the technology.

But according to Sammobile Samsung currently finds itself in the “embarrassing situation” in which it has yield problems with the fingerprint recognition sensor that will be used on the upcoming flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S5. A new report from Korean website Daum says that Samsung is looking for third party suppliers that could help the company supply enough fingerprint sensors for the huge demand.

Samsung has already found a company that will be able to provide this: Crucialtec. This means that your upcoming Galaxy S5 wont just feature a fingerprint sensor made by Samsung but will also implement the Biometric TrackPad from Crucialtec, which already has the capabilities to do most of the things we will be able to do with the S5 fingerprint scanner. Crucialtec has previously supplied components to Intel, AMD, Yahoo, Google, T Mobile, AT&T, symbian, and Microsoft