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Acer Fitness band to be revealed Q3 2014

Sources have confirmed to ChinaPost that Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer is also working on a fitness band which will become available mid 2014. Unlike many of its competitors, Acer hasn’t chosen a Smartwatch, this is mainly because the company wants to launch the fitness band alongside a new ecosystem by teaming up with fitness centers and hospitals.

The device will also have the capability to be synced with your smartphone in order to keep track of all your stats, similar to how currently fitness trackers like the UP jawbone work. Previous rumors regarding the device pointed out that Acer is in no hurry in launching this device and wants to focus on creating a

 a “distinctive” wearable device that will stand out from the crowd.

Over the last couple of years Acer has seen a huge decline in revenue as the PC market declined 8% sequentially and 11% year-on-year in 2014 Q1. Acer has lost approximately 1% market share each quarter since 2013. Make sure to check out our post on How Fitness bands know if you are asleep