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Samsung falsifies Galaxy Note 3 benchmark score

Samsung has previously been caught doing this with the Samsung Galaxy S4 but yet again, Samsung has been falsifying benchmark score, this time from the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. ArsTechnica found a file that would change benchmark results by as much as 20% (yes only benchmark results) the file name is which contains almost all of the famous benchmark apps like Quadrant, Antutu, Linpack, GFXBench. If you disable this file and you can see the benchmark score of the Galaxy Note 3 decrease significantly.

The benchmark apps are used to compare a device’s performance with other devices such as its CPU and GPU, the new Galaxy Note 3 (same thing happened with the Galaxy S4) had a very high benchmark score, while using the same processor as other devices, well now you know how they do it.

Galaxy Note 3 benchmark

In the image above you can see the benchmark of the Galaxy Note 3 with and without benchmark booster, then compared to the Optimus G2 which has the same processor. The first one (which has benchmark booster enabled) you can clearly see that its way faster then the Optimus G2 but after turning the benchmark booster off, you can clearly see that the speed of the Galaxy Note 3 drops incredibly. (The Image bellow shows the benchmark score of 1 single core on the quad core Snapdragon 800 processor)

Galaxy note 3 benchmark score