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What to Know Before Kicking off an App Install Ad Campaign

Smartphone usage has gone through the roof in the last couple of years, particularly because of its easy and low-priced availability in developing countries. With prevailing smartphone use, mobile app stores have also become platforms where cell phone users spend a lot of time. This change has also shifted the landscape of digital marketing in general and mobile advertising in particular.

For instance, app install ads have become really popular among marketers. According to the latest statistics available, the two largest app stores (Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store) offer nearly 5.8 million applications to their worldwide users. The ever-increasing number of mobile apps is also expanding the canvass for app install ad campaigns.

However, running app install ad campaign is not a simple task. Cut-throat competition also exists wherever online services are offered i.e. users in all corners of the world. There are some key points that one must know before jumping on this comparatively new form of digital marketing.

App Install Ad Campaigns Are Meant to Improve App Store Optimization

Like how SEO helps websites to improve their ranking on search engines, better App Store Optimization (ASO) helps in improving the position of any mobile application in search results of a given app store. The ASO of any mobile app is based on the number of downloads. The greater the number of downloads, the better will be the app’s ASO. Therefore, the aim of any app installs ad campaign is to accumulate the optimal number of downloads for the given mobile app in order to have it better ranked on the app store.

Tracking the Performance of App Install Ad Campaign Is Difficult

Tracking conventional marketing campaigns is easy, all thanks to the cookies. The digital advertisers are able to track the success of an ad campaign by tracking the users anonymously through cookies. However, the feature of cookies is not supported by app stores and most of the mobile web browsers. Therefore, it is not easy to get hold of the performance of a mobile advertising campaign because no evaluation standard has been set so far.

Thankfully, some mobile advertising platforms have started to provide advertisers with the required insights through daily, weekly and monthly reports containing the information with respect to the given app and region.

Don’t Use Multiple Mobile Advertising Networks at Once

In order to achieve their download targets, many app developers get multiple networks on-board all at once. This might help you in reaching your set targets, but it will also exceed your advertising cost. In the realm of mobile advertising, advertisers usually pay the networks when they drive the last-click before the install.

If you are using multiple networks for streamlining your ad campaign, then there are chances that each of them is going to charge you by claiming the last-click attribution. In short, you might get charged for a single download two to three times extra.

So, try to rely on a single and dependable mobile advertising network, known for running successful app install ad campaigns. Its experts can also guide you regarding the unforeseen challenges faced by mobile ad campaigns.