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Samsung Gear VR has overheating issues after just 25 minutes of use

Making use of the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has managed to create a virtual reality headset called Samsung Gear VR allowing users to have a 96-degree viewing angle making use of the Quad HD-SuperAMOLED-screen featured on the Note 4. Many early beta testers that have had the chance to play around with the device say the Gear VR is something truly amazing and an “indescribable experience”, this is exactly what Samsung is trying to do with the new Samsung Gear VR Demo’s it has set up in specific South Korean Samsung stores but according to Asia Today there are a few serious issues, as demonstrations are limited to just 25 minutes.

Samsung Gear VR has overheating issues after just 25 minutes of use - 1

According to the source, Samsung officials have confirmed this and it appears to be because the hardware overheats after just 25 minutes of use, according to the officials there isn’t much they can do regarding the overheating claiming it is a design issue.

Although the devices used are demo’s and might be a little different from the final product, Samsung is almost 2 months away from officially launching the device in its home country South Korea starting at $200, this is not enough time to make any final changes to the design as it should already be in production. Let’s hope that if there is indeed an overheating issue, it has been fixed on the devices hitting the shelves in a couple of months or we could see Samsung push the release date further back.

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