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Razer Kiyo X Review

What do you need for streaming? A computer, a mouse, a computer, the best PC headset up to 100, and of course a webcam.  But which webcam is good? 60 FPS in Full HD only, compact size, autofocus, rigid cable, and attractive price. Read on to find all of this and more in the webcam Razer Kiyo X review.

Let’s get to the review of the Razer Kiyo X.


The company keeps the brand name and continues to delight users with a unified and recognizable style in its packaging.

The black and green colors and juicy product image are classic Razer. 

The company continues to promote the hashtag #GoGreenwithRazer, demonstrating its concern for the environment.

The most interesting information for the user is put on the side of the packaging. 

Detailed inspection

The camera is attractive aesthetically. It has a concise design that is suitable for gamers fond of self-expression as well as for the office. 

The reduced size compared to the Kiyo Pro is not a minus but rather a feature. The camera is light and compact, which makes it easy to use in a streamer setup (or simple user setup).

The main body material is rough black plastic. The rim of the webcam is ribbed. On the front, there is a company logo and radial circles, which are used in photo equipment to reduce the amount of glare – here, it works as a design element. Protective glass covers only the central part of the camera, which the manufacturer did not specify.

The camera has a mechanical zoom, i.e., the front element moves a couple of millimeters. 

At the bottom of the camera, there is a hole for the microphone; at the top, there is a white LED, which lights up when the device is turned on. 

The included stand has two axes, which allows you to place it in a myriad of ways. 

On the bottom of the stand, there is a metal sleeve (sleeve with an internal thread) for the photo screw.

Another noticeable difference from the Pro-version is the 1.5 meter USB cable. It is made of rubber and has no fabric braid. It also can’t be disconnected and is quite naughty, which makes placing the webcam on the table a bit uncomfortable. Besides, the camera is very light, and the cable is so naughty that it can easily fall off the monitor if you accidentally bump it with your mouse or hand. 

By the way, the camera can even be connected via USB 2.0, whereas the Kiyo Pro requires a USB 3.0 connection for picture quality. 

Razer Kiyo X Review - 1

What can the Razer Kiyo X do?

With a viewing angle of 82° (it is the only one non-adjustable angle, unlike in the older model), the camera records video in several resolutions:

  • Full HD 1080p at 30 FPS.
  • HD 720p at 60 FPS.
  • 480p and 360p at 30 FPS.

The sensor size is 2.1 megapixels. The resolution of photos is 1920×1080 pixels. Kiyo X has YUY2 video decoder (the developer states that it is not suitable for all video resolutions) and MJPEG. Audio is 16 bit at 48 kHz. Other features include an automatic focus. Information about the sensor and microphone has not been provided. 

The software

You can control the webcam using proprietary software Razer Synapse 3. 

The list of options for configuring the camera looks modest. No HDR or changing the viewing angle. 

Judging by this message, the camera has its own memory for storing a profile.

As long as the camera is used in some application (Zoom, OBS, Discord, or whatever), you can’t customize it in Synapse 3. 


The Razer Kiyo X has minuses, both in features and quality. And if the stiff cable probably won’t make most users confused, the lack of HDR can be a decisive factor, especially for those who like to work at night or in difficult lighting conditions. 

If you want to get a good picture on this camera, you will have to install additional lighting. But keep in mind that the extra light requires space on the table, and it has to be far enough away from your face.

All in all, the Razer Kiyo X is a good camera for the medium price range.