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Five Facts about the iGaming Industry in 2022

Ever since the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak, where millions of industries have been hit hard, thousands of people have been laid off and governments have had to step in and stimulate their economies. Now people have been wondering about investing and embracing new professions virtually. 

Indeed, there is a radical shift to online as more people seek to build a life online in some form or fashion. One can even see how a company like META has embraced this notion and is betting the farm, to a great extent, on the virtual world.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, there is a chance you might have already dreamt of making money while gaming. Well, now is the time to turn your vision into a reality. The $50 billion online gambling industry or iGaming opens doors to hundreds of individuals from willing to pursue further opportunities. 

There are firms present in the field and other compelling entities that seek to establish themselves as this industry grows.

However, there are some fun facts that you should keep in mind regarding the iGaming industry in 2022. Here are the fun facts that you should be aware of when it comes to this industry.

Fact #1. iGaming Industry will be worth over $565.4 Billion

Over the years, there has been a surge in the global gaming industry. Previously, in 2018. The market value had reached over $449.3 billion. This year, the estimated value is expected to be $565.4. 

It is alongside this growth that we see blockchain and similar technologies grow. There will be interesting aspects to watch out for as more technologies come together.

Fact #2. iGaming Industry Opens A Door of opportunities for you

Since the market value is estimated to hit hard this year. The gambling industry is likely to open doors of opportunities for you. That means there will be rapid market growth. Favorable visa policies and a surge in mobile gaming are also present and you should be on the lookout for these opportunities.

This is true for digital transformation trends across the board.

Five Facts about the iGaming Industry in 2022 - 1

Fact #3. The Fine Line Between iGaming and Video Gaming

It is a fact that there has been an evident line between gaming and Video gaming. These both domains have always been separate entities since the beginning. 

However, the line between video gaming and iGaming is becoming vaguer day by day. This is majorly attributed to the work done by iGaming on video games. iGaming is working on video games and is improving the elements of video games such as the one in casino games.

The major improvements are made in the RPG theme and the visuals and graphics.

Fact #4 More Than 2.4 Billion Gamers Worldwide

With the rapid growth and enormous success of the iGaming industry, the users of the iGaming industry are increasing day by day. Stating facts, there are around 2.4 billion gamers Worldwide today belonging to the iGaming industry. 

This figure included gamers of all ages, majorly belonging to the age gap of 18 to 35 years. Forty percent of the users belong to this age group. While 21 percent belong to the age group below 18, 18 percent of 36 to 49 years of the age gap, and 21 percent to the age gap of 50 years and above.

There is likely to be crossover in the online gaming and sports gaming industry.

Fact #5. Mobile Gamers Continue To Grow

Wherever the industry leads us, the contribution of mobile gamers will surely dominate. The number of mobile gamers will be reaching up to 2.9 billion this year. This number might reach up to 3 billion next year. In addition to this, this is solely attributed to free games available.

Are you excited about these opportunities?