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5 Reasons to have a Dedicated Server for Minecraft

Minecraft is a simple looking game with the most interesting things to offer. Someone who has played this game once knows how short nights and days can be while being indulged into the world of Minecraft. This particular game offers a sandbox (open world) space to its gamers, where each player has the freedom of exploring wherever they desire and create whatever they want.

Minecraft is a pioneering game in the Sandbox games category. Its unique selling proposition is the freedom of following or not at all caring for missions offered within the game. This means that you can have like a secondary life in the world of Minecraft including of course the ability to create or connect with communities and play together.

Gamers would know that Minecraft requires a server to run, just like other server-based games. The multiplicity of the game is determined by the number of slots that are installed for your particular world. This means that more slots (one slot is each gamer) allow more to connect to your world. Now, the basic math starts with having 1 GB memory of RAM (Random Access Memory) which can house ten slots maximum.


James Copeland, the founder of Canadian-based GGServers, says there are hundreds of companies offering server space for Minecraft players. Like many other mainstream providers, Copeland is taking advantage of a wide user base by renting out servers in eight locations around the world, with 10,000 to 12,000 virtual servers online at any given time. With a growing number of user base in Asia and Europe, he predicts this user base will see a steady growth in the coming years.

Hence, from the industry information, we can presume that Minecraft requires good and accommodating servers to run. This is absolutely true with the fact that a dedicated server will maximize your gaming experience to its potential. Let’s take a look at five reasons why we need a dedicated server for Minecraft.

Dedicated resources from dedicated server

By resources we mean the amount of memory your game is to get when running. A dedicated server offers tremendous flexibility to the already flexible game. This means that you can have an extremely customized experience with a dedicated server. CPU and Ram memory aka resources are the most important aspects when it comes to smooth game play. Moreover, with a dedicated server, one can enjoy the exclusivity of uninterrupted or shared memory/resource usage.

A Dedicated server ensures security



Let’s put this in simple words: Being in a shared server for Minecraft is like having to share the pain of attacks. When supposedly another player in the same server as yours gets attacked by DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service), the overload of traffic will affect your gaming experience. This means that sharing a server might lower your gaming performance without your personal actions. Hence, why get charged for someone else’s misfortune, right?

Unshared JVM equals unshared happiness

JVM stands for JAVA Virtual Machine, which is an abstract virtual machine that allows Java programs to run. A dedicated server means you have a dedicated JVM just for you, as opposed to a shared one. Two of the best reasons to have a dedicated server are to run a web server and cPanel control panel. That’s not all! Among other premium services, a dedicated server allows root access to the server which includes SSH (Secure Shell) access allowing one to modify files in the server and making clear that one has full hand in customization or one might say (mine) craftability!

Mods and Plugins, all your way

Mods and Plugins are extended tools for Minecraft that are used to enhance the functionality of the game. Plugins are tools that can be used to run a variant server of Minecraft. There are Mods like the Craftbukkit Mod, which allows its own bukkit (Plugins) to be installed. One might wonder the necessity of these Plugins as forms of extensions. The usage of Plugins is most commonly done by large Minecraft communities where several gamers are playing together with all of their imaginations running wild.

Control Panels work best with dedicated servers

Control panels are required to create user groups and permission of different levels in Minecraft. These generate certain controls like turning the server on or off and enhancing game play. Using control panel means that one has to have a smooth running platform to manage servers of all sizes like small groups to large communities. Hence, for advanced users, a dedicated server is not only an option but a necessity.

Finally, the above five reasons are likely to be informative enough to access the importance of dedicated servers in the world of Minecraft. Hence, we can come to one conclusion at least: A true Minecraft player is one who uses a dedicated server. It’s just the premium way. Dedicated servers help you take full advantage of the world that is yours to create.

However, one advice is to always consult with your service provider about server options, resource allocation, MODs and extensions. This continuous rule also applies to someone who is thinking of modifying their server or upgrading it along the way. With this rule of thumb, knowledge and enthusiasm, you are good to go as a master minecrafter!

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