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4 Reasons to Switch to Bitrix24 CRM Software Free of Charge

Business is a mechanism with many elements that depend on each other. If you want the mechanism to work well, you should use machine oil. That machine oil is software, like a CRM system which ensures smooth and consistent performance. Using bad software you can mess up the whole system and put your business at risk of failure.

So, what CRM software do you use? Does it help employees collect and manage client information faster and easier? Or does it cause trouble and make their work more complicated? If you’ve already considered switching to another CRM, here are four solid reasons why you should choose Bitrix24 CRM software free of charge.

Multiple channels of communication with clients

Using our Customer Relationship Managementyou can connect with clients and prospects in ways that work best for your business. In addition to standard channels like email and IP telephony, we also offer new, more popular ways of communication.

You can interact with clients in social networks and messengers using a single CRM system. The customers will receive messages through the channels you select, and your employees will only need one program to manage them.

Comprehensive sales funnels and dashboards

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Assess company’s success at a glance with sales funnels and dashboards. Use sales funnels to get a clue of transactions in progress and their respective stages. All stages are highlighted with different colors, which makes it easier to analyze the data. In addition, you can build multiple pipelines and sales funnels if your company has more than one product.

Dashboards, on the other hand, may be used by employees to evaluate productivity. Each employee may see how many deals they’ve closed, which clients have not been invoiced, their rating in the company, etc.

Extensive integration opportunities

In order to make the use of Bitrix24 CRM even more convenient and expand the opportunities for your business, we have made it possible to integrate with the most popular applications like Xero, MailChimp, Helpdesk, and many others.

You can manage email lists, create and send email campaigns, invoices, create website forms. All without leaving the Customer Relationship Managementportal.

Mobile app to let you work on the go

If you’re on a business trip or often work out of office, you can still access and edit the CRM data. By downloading our mobile app for your Android or iOS device you get all the same features of the desktop version in a compact version. You can create new contacts and leads, edit the existing records and also call right from the Customer Relationship Managementat rates that are lower than Skype’s.

Wrapping up

Excited about the opportunities that Bitrix24 CRM can bring to your business? Schedule a free demo today and learn more about the features of our CRM.