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4 Ways to get an OnePlus One invite

The OnePlus one is an amazing smartphone and while its specs are mind blowing, so is its price starting at just $299 making it an even more wanted device. OnePlus is a start up and the One is their first smartphone, having too many devices in stock could potentially be devastating for a start up with a small budget, which is exactly the reason why it is so hard to actually get a OnePlus One.

Why does OnePlus have an invitation system?

The invitation system is there to make sure users don’t purchase a device and have to wait months before they can actually get it, according to OnePlus the invitation system ” is the best way to bridge the gap between supply and demand right at launch.” an invitation will only become available once a device is rolled out of the production line, ensuring the owner can get it very soon after it has actually made the order.

The problem with the invitation system is that a lot of users want an invite, but don’t seem to be able to get their hands on one. Lets take a look at 5 different ways to get an invite your self.

4 Different ways to get an OnePlus One invite

  1. Giveaways: Several website and famous people in the tech world have been given invites to give away, look out for websites that have a giveaway, sign up and hope to win. Check out this subreddit which shares every giveaway there is
  2. Joining the official invitation system: Join the OnePlus forum and sign up for the official invitation system.
  3. Reddit “Want an Invite”: Reddit is a generous community and the /r/OnePlus community allows you to use a “Want an Invite” tag where other users can see you are desperately looking for an invite, if someone is generous, they might share one with you. Also make sure to fill in this form, more info here
  4. Asking friends and users on social network: Any user that gets a OnePlus One gets an invite that it can give to a friend or family member, look around on Twitter for users that just got their device and ask them if they still have the invitation

 Ways to purchase a OnePlus One without an invite

There is a risk and you won’t be able to get the device at such a low price but if you really can’t wait, several UK stores (like AliExpress) sell the device. The One is almost twice as expensive if you purchase it this way and for users that live in the UK, it doesn’t include a UK charger.

Several users have already shared their story of bad luck and getting ripped off (from several other third party vendors, AliExpress seems to be the best one to go with) so keep in mind that there is a risk and the best way to get the One is by getting an invitation.