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Is my iPhone eligible to upgrade to a new iPhone 6?

Apple  is expected to launch its new iPhone 6 during the September 9 keynote, just a year after Apple launched the iPhone 5S which became available September 20 of last year. The new device will become available sim-lock free and at different carriers.

Of course purchasing it with a contract is much cheaper and if you have recently purchased an iPhone 5S  or iPhone 5 you might be eligible to upgrade to the iPhone 6 or your carrier might have some upgrade program you can make use of to get your hand on the iPhone 6. Find your carrier on the list bellow and check your self if you are eligible to upgrade on the launch date of the iPhone 6

Upgrade iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 Verizon

Verizon iPhone 6

If you are a Verizon user there are several ways you can check if you are eligible to upgrade, One way is by calling #874 and you will receive a text message which will let you know if you can upgrade or not. Or via the Verizon Website, log into your account and go to “Upgrade Device”.

Upgrade iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 T-Mobile

t-mobile iPhone 6

With t-mobile’s Jump Plan you can upgrade for $10 a month to any new device that comes out. You are eligible for this plan if you have paid at least 50% of the total cost of your current device, this is generally paid off between a year of usage so you should have no real issues upgrading here.

 Upgrade iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 Sprint

Sprint iPhone 6

You can check if you can upgrade by texting the word “upgrade” to  1311 or check it via the website. On the website, log into your account and click on “upgrade” from the menu window. Look for “Discount Options” , a pop up should appear showing you the date you are eligible to upgrade your iPhone 5S

 Upgrade iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 AT&T

Similar to Sprint and Verizon, you can check by calling this number *639# and a text message will let you know if you can upgrade. An easier way is to check the website, immediately when you log in a pop-up will appear letting you know if you are eligible to upgrade.

Check for upgrade via the Apple Store app

You can also check if you are available to upgrade using Apple’s very own Apple Store app. For this you are required to install the free app, this can be done from here, one done, look for the “upgrade my iPhone” tab and verify your account. One verified you will see how much money you can save and to what devices you can upgrade.