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Telegram sees huge increase in users after Facebook acquires Whatsapp

Right after Facebook announced it had acquired the instant messaging app WhatsApp for a mind blowing $19 billion dollars, IM app Telegram which launched back in August 14, 2013 and is currently available on Android, Windows Phone, iOS (Including iPad's and iPods) and even on desktop making it a true cross-platform compatible app saw a huge…

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Facebook announces purchase of WhatsApp, But will it affect the user? - 1

Facebook announces purchase of WhatsApp, But will it affect the user?

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will purchase popular messaging application WhatsApp for $19 billion in a combination of cash and stock. The announcement comes at a time when the battle for mobile messaging is really heating up, with WhatsApp competing with several other contenders including Facebook's own Messenger app. WhatsApp currently counts 450 million users…

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China monitor social media

China Hires 2 Million Workers To Monitor Popular Social Media Websites

The Chinese government is employing over 2 million workers to monitor "the internet" according to state media. The work these employees get assigned is, by using keywords to search through the tens of millions of messages that are being sent everyday across popular social media websites like Sina Weibo, Instant messaging app WeChat, Tencent QQ etc. The…

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