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Apple’s biggest Mistakes and 8 Flopped products

Apple has been one of worlds fastest growing companies, has been named “Worlds Best Brand” of 2013 and has had the worlds highest costumer satisfaction rate for years on a row, but this all has been accomplished with hard work and making smart decisions however all companies make mistakes and Apple is no different.

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This infographic gives us a different look on Apple showing us the failures it has had over the past few years starting in 1983 with the Lisa and ending in 2006 with Apple’s last failure the iPod Hi-Fi

Apple Failures infograph


It is interesting to see how most of the products that can be considered a “failure” have been released while former Apple CEO Steve Jobs wasn’t part of Apple anymore, like many of you know Steve left Apple in 1985 but returned in 1997. This in no way is a hate post to Apple or its products, instead it is a way of showing that every company no matter how big or famous makes mistakes and that learning from these is the only way to become one of the biggest brands in the world.