Facebook now also tracks your cursor movement

Facebook could even track your cursor movement in the future. The popular social network currently has 2 different ways it uses to track user data which it then uses to improve its service and by seeing the behaviour of its current services predict future improvements they might need. One of these is tracking the users Geographical Data which is data that tells Facebook where you are and Behavioural data which tracks who you like, who you talk with, who’s post you comment etc.

Ken Rudin head of Analytics at Facebook has told WSJ that in the future Facebook might implement additional ways in tracking your information and one of them is by tracking your cursor. This will be done to (for example) know how long you have waited with your cursor on the Ad before clicking on it or if there is a certain pattern in which you open things. Rudin also said that they are currently “performing experiments” and it isn’t sure yet if this data tracking feature will be 100% implemented into its analytics.

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