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Hulu to allow you to watch Free TV Shows on mobile this summer

Hulu has just announced that starting this summer, users will be able to view several TV Shows for free on their mobile phones previously this was only available on desktop. Currently in order to enjoy all of Hulu’s content a $7.99 monthly subscription is required, but now even non subscribed users will be able to watch tv show episodes via their mobile browser. (Shows can only be watched from the browser and not the Hulu app, this will still require the monthly subscription)

It is yet unknown what or how many TV shows will become available for free. This announcement also comes with the company revealing a new way of advertisement, currently all Hulu users (subscribed or not) are forced to watch ads before enjoying a movie or tv show, the users that want to enjoy content for free will see even more ads and ones that are very different to how we are used to. The new form of advertising is called “in-stream purchase units”  which are ads that users can interact with “without being pulled away from the content”. Pizza Hut has been announced as the launch partner (expect a lot of pizza ads!)

With our effective targeting capabilities, this new innovation allows advertisers to target the right demographic, at the right time – all while allowing viewers to immediately pick up where they left off once their order is placed.

Hulu is currently the fourth biggest video streaming service available after Netflix, Youtube and Amazon with 2.8% market share.